Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend recap mother truckers!

Where can I get a sweet Reebok pocket tee?

Straight outta the Weekend!
...and were back to reality.

Hope everyone had a splendid end of week celebratory couple of days. I didn't. I had to work like some sort of laborer of sorts. Working weekends is terrible. I'm stuck watching other people have fun, knowing that I cant join in. I can only imagine that's what dogs feel like when your grilling burgers...So close to awesomeness but helpless to do anything about it.

"I will strangle you in your sleep if you don't give me that hamburger..."

Another part I hate is that it completely destroys my motivation for doing anything fun and physical outside. In case you've been in a carbonite time capsule for the last week or so...its f***'n hot here in SW Union County, NC. I mean like Hot (haught, hawt, hoot, caliente), cereal.

This means after working all day that my off hours are usually spent in pursuit of cooling down and searching feverishly for ice cold Pabst. These abominable conditions have put a strain on my fitness. The hotter it gets, the more I desire Pabst and pimento cheese to ease my pain. The more P&P I consume, the lazier I become...its vicious.

For the more analytically inclined of you out there, I have created a graph to express my problem...

Math... this shits serious

There has got to be a better way to spend my working weekends other than binging on pimento cheese until I lapse into cheese induced hallucinations and slowly descend into madness............. or just get a tummy ache....same diff.
I'm thinking hummus...

In Family News...

FW  and the dogs came down from our mountain home to spend a few days with me, and to see her papa for the annual day of patriarchal honoring. Also, since I had to work the weekend I am off today and Tuesday. The weather is looking great, no rain, warm temps and cool enough mornings for me to get rad on at least one of my Bike-cycles. We might even take The Bear and The Goose out for some hiking at our local secret section of the Carolina Thread Trail.

In Bike-cycle news...

 I'd like to share a video filmed at the most recent event of the UCI Downhill Mountain Bike-cycle World Cup. The event took place on some sweet gnar gnar over in Leogang (not to be confused with Lego-Land), Austria. US rider Aaron Gwin flatted on the first couple hundred feet of his run but proceeded to shred the mountain on rim alone.

For those non Bike-cycle enthusiasts, that would be like Cam Newton taking the snap, dropping the ball, then picking it up and throwing a 75yd touchdown pass to himself while shotgunning a beer and tying balloon animals. Ballin'...


Last but not least I would like to express my deepest thanks to all the papas...papa's papas...and papa's papa's papas. Fathers sometimes don't get the love and affection that our Mom's receive and I want to say THANKS to this man... Thanks for being there, supporting me, and always willing to help me...even when that means letting me make my own mistakes...

Also thanks for giving me that bodacious Flack physique! Ladies love bird legs and knock knees!


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