Monday, June 30, 2014


No weekend recap today folks.

FW and I have been in intense preparation and re-arranging our house in anticipation for a major construction job at our home aka Greenview Manor. The hardwood floor refinishers are coming bright and early this morning to finish the job they started months ago after screwing up the original job they had done over a year ago...

Both bedrooms and our spare room are now living in our den and dining room. It sucks.

The silver lining being that since our bedroom is in the dining room, I wont feel like a fat slob for eating cheese and crackers in bed.

So long story short, after a weekend of righteous forest activities and our material lives being in shambles, I havent had the time to assemble a proper post.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a weekend recap...

To keep you entertained here is a fun activity courtesy of

Have fun!

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