Friday, June 27, 2014

That was quick...

...and faster than a turtle on a skate board I'm back...

The last few days have been somewhat of a whirlwind. New (to me) house, new job, and new city...lots of new to be had.

I got everything settled in for the most part and all my junk is stored neatly into boxes for easy access.

Most importantly I have my very own box to keep "secret bike stuff".

The secret being that its full of v brake calipers and 8 speed bits that are older than Methuselah and virtually useless. Unless all the west Asheville hipsters adopt 8 speed v-brake bikes thereby making them "hip" again...worked for mustache wax and Nazi haircuts.

In bike-cycle news...

 I started my new job. Its awesome and I'm really looking forward to learning everything there is to know about down-home NC handmade bike-cycle parts. Its unreal how much skill and craftsmanship go into making these components. I can see why thy are the best in the biz...quality.

I even got today off and that means a three day weekend aka trouble...

Last night I participated in my first ever Asheville City Recreational Volleyball League match.

 My team is the Blue Ridge Blockers and we kick ass and take names... our sportsmanship is unparalleled in western NC.

We played at Carrier Park which is an old velodrome the city converted into a park. Many an Ashevillian still use the old velodrome for bike-cycle riding and they even have bike-cycle repair stations located throughout the park... pretty rad.

In FW/Agricultural news...

The garden bed I built for FW is starting to blossom and produce sustenance for us to enjoy.

 'Maters is all we have now but this garden will be expanded next season to produce all manner of vegetable delights. The combination of our organic compost bin in the back and my expert knowledge on how not to kill plants will surely keeps us well fed through the lean times and imminent zombie apocalypse.

Last but not first...

Its Friday which means I will leave you guys with a beer and some tunes to keep the stoke levels strong through the weekend.

This weekends brew is Dale's Pale Ale which is a hoppy golden nectar-of-the-gods and is brewed right here in NC.

 This is not one of those super pretentious craft beers made in small batches by celibate Tibetan monks in artisanal porcelain vases. No, its just a damn fine Pale Ale and one I have been feasting on all week...Mostly because its available at the gas station 1000 yards from my house.

For tunes to get ya through to Monday...

I have selected this'un from folk-grass group Trampled By Turtles. Not only is it a great song but it also features one of my favorite shows...Squidbillies.

I suggest you start watching it. RIGHT NOW!

Have a superb weekend ya'll!

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