Friday, August 22, 2014


Well hello there,

I missed last Friday's Beer and Tunes post so I hope you all still managed to drink copious amounts of beer and listen to some good music.

I am once again off for a 3-day weekend and I have tons of awesome stuff to get into. My folks are heading into town and its always a treat to take them around and show them the sights of AVL. Might even go play all you can play pinball at the Grove Arcade.

Other than that its going to be mountain biking, fishing, and hanging with FW and the wild beasts that live in our house.

Im sure FW will need a radfest2014 weekend. Her regualr job has started back for the year and a little R&R is just what we need to ease on into another year at work.


Heres some beer.

French Broad Brewery's Rye Hopper Ale. I have been drinking this stuff like a deranged mad man lately because:

A. Its delicious. With just the perfect amount of hops but not soooo hoppy that it over powers the other notes of sweet, malty, and caramely (is that a word?). With "hoppy" becoming the predominant flavor among "craft beers" I have started to become jaded toward them. Its like breweries cant come up with unique brews so they just cram a shitload of hops in there and call it good...

This beer is hoppy no doubt, but its a more complex flavor than a standard Pale or IPA.

B. Its available at the gas station 1000yds from my house. Convenience is key when you spend your life on a bike-cycle.

Try it out and you wont be disappointed.

Hey!  here is some music...

In honor of my father coming to see us this weekend, I bring you some classic Folk from the 50's-60's. The Kingston Trio supplied the soundtrack to my formative years and was a staple on many-a beach/mountain road trip. My Dad could play pretty much all their songs on the guitar and Dave Gaurd's banjo lit the fire in my ear to learn that instrument and I've been picking the "minnow dipper" ever since.

Tight harmonies, actual musical instruments being played, and a lack of digital magic making everything sound better than it is?... Unheard of!!

Jam out to them this weekend. 

Here's to ya folks! enjoy it...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A day late and a dollar short...

Well hello there....

Sorry I didn't post my weekend recap yesterday. My weekend was on a radness level so great, that it took  me a full day to comprehend what had happened. Im short on time because there are fudge Pop Tarts in the toaster waiting on me... so here goes...


End of my work week. Yes its great having a three day weekend every weekend. No you cant have any Pop Tarts.

FW and I had made plans to escape civilization for the evening so after work we headed down to Brevard, NC for some hot shot backpacking up in the mountains. There is a secret spot I know where your not likely to see anyone and its close enough to pack into on short notice.

We hit the ground running upon arriving at the trail head and pretty soon we were in God's Country Pisgah, USA.

I hadn't backpacked since David G. and I ITAYG'd it in Linville, NC months ago. It was really nice toting a a pack up a mountain trail. FW seemed to enjoy it too but her swearing and fuss-a-mussin' on the climbs would have lead you to think otherwise.

steeper than it looks.

We came around a corner and saw something that's a first for me in Pisgah...

I dont know what they were doing but she was very stingy with her balloons. Apparently sharing is not taught anymore in schools.

After about an hour or so hike,we hit the spot, set up camp, made dinner (chicken curry couscous with walnuts and cranberries courtesy of FW... YUM!), and set to chillaxing on a mountain top. It was just what we both needed.

The next morning we got up late, ate breakfast and just sat in silence for a long while enjoying our home. We middle. of. it.

We hiked out after while and spent the rest of the day running chores and piddling about the house.


Saturday I had plans for a super double secret mountain bike ride with Short Travel Nate. I call him that not in jest (because he is at least 6'3") but because he rides with 80mm of travel, which is an absurdly small amount of suspension in the mountains. Somehow he still manages to shred and make it look easy.

And so it was that I picked him up and headed toward North Mills Rec. Area. The ride we undertook is super double secret so I cant share any info on it but I do have pictures.

It was a swell ride and besides a massive nest of Yellow Jackets and Nate breaking his shoes it was one for the books.

super double secret bush push.

short travel getting it done...

Leaving Nate's house, I received a text from Charlotte area trail ripper/builder and PMBAR partner, B. Burton. Burton had had enough of the flat, hotness that is Charlotte, NC and was headed to AVL to escape the heat and kick up some trouble in the mellow mountain air. I offered a bed at Greenview Manor for him and 2.5 hours later we were drinking ice cold beers on the porch.

FW had been busy all day with bridal photos (in preparation for our nuptials in a few months) and was not going to be home until after dark. This left a large window of time for Burton and I to find some shit to get into in town.

So after a few beers the plan was made to ride bikes Downtown and just see where the hops and barley take us.

The ride into town was fine with low traffic and mellow roads and it was a very cool and calm evening. We made it to a taco shop, at some tacos, drank a beer, and proceeded out into the abyss that is Downtown Asheville on Saturday night. It didn't take long for the night to become a blurry wash of booze, street performers, and blinky red bike lights as the asphalt peeled away under our tires.

Somehow through the fog I managed to take a few pictures.


This was the first snowboard ever, or something like that. Burton was mucho excited to see it and it is pretty sweet to think folks used to rip down mountains on this thing.  gnar.

Somehow we ended up drinking beers by the fire at the Bywater and from there it was a long ride back to Greenview Manor.

This shall be done again. Downtown AVL at night, on bikes weaving through traffic while bar hopping from place to place is THE BEST way to see the city.


greeted me with a hangover and no plans at all. Burton headed to West AVL from some MGB and FW and I laid about on the porch with the dogs. She had to work so after she left Burton and I headed to some killer waterfalls near Lake Toxaway, NC and bummed around the forest all afternoon.

Weekend Crushed.

That's all folks. I'm still pretty wore out from it all but staggering into work on Monday from a badass weekend is still the preferred way to do it. You only live once right?

See y'all soon.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Live Action Weekend!

Hey now,

Like most of the Southeast this weekend, it rained alot up here in AVLUSA.

That puts a big ole wrench in the spokes of my weekend radfest2014 plans. However, this did provide ample time to do some junk around Greenview Manor that had been getting put off for some time.

Mostly, replacing our awful sliding shower door for a tride and true curtain. The shower door had leaked, causing some minor damage to the dryway adjacent to the tub and this needed remedying and fast. So off to Lowe's FW and I went for supplies to fix/destroy the door.

The door came out easy and the rest of the repairs werent too hard. After replacing the drywall, tile, and letting the caulk dry we have a nice new-ish shower situation. The best part was playing Demolition dude and ripping out the shower door... I wanted to use a sledge hammer but FW would have none of that.

More Power!!!

Other than playing handyman, the weekend was uneventful. I sat about Saturday and napped, played banjo, messed around with the dogs, and was super lazy on a rainy day. It was AWESOME!!!

Sunday, FW's parents paid us a visit and took us out to breakfast at the Farmers Market. They have an "all you can eat" Farmers Breakfast that has "american" sized portions of hashbrown casserole, biscuits, grits, eggs, and bacon. Of course I had to test this claimed "all you can eat" status. After two plates I realized that if I go for a third I would be making a scene so I quitted myself of said breakfast and left that third plate for another time.

FW went to work and I went home to pay for my breakfast related sins...

I soon found myself bored as hell so I decided that the only proper way to burn off 5000 calories of 'Merica style breakfast was a Hard as Hell road ride on the BRP...

This was great for two reasons...

1. I needed to burn off all that crap I ate for breakfast and,
2. I got to wear my "formal" cycling attire as I pedaled past the million dollar plus homes on Elk Mountain and Town Mountain roads.

Puttin' on the Ritz.

My favorite sign... Snake Farm Ahead!!

Not a "million dollar home" but damn I wish I lived there....

I made it home with sore legs and windburned forehead. Both signs of a good ride.

Afterward, I left the hizzy and met FW at her work so we could get The Bear fitted for a new backpack. She has been sorely needing one for quite some time and this one was just the trick.

Of course we couldnt leave the day without testing it so we took off for a rainy hike at Bent Creek.

It was a good day. I even saw my spirit animal on the trail. Either pooping or laying eggs...or both. I dunno...

brother turtle....

Have a great Monday ya'll!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Random Thursday Post...

Well I left off with the remainder of my weekend unaccounted for...

It was pretty uneventful.

I did a group ride with Liberty Bikes and my friends Emily W. (of Curtis Creek Road shitrainfog trip) and Short Travel Nate. We rode Bent Creek did 11 miles with the group then hammered out another 9 or so with just the three of us.

Saturday night I attended a Party at our neighbors house and had too much to drink and had thoughtful and in depth discussion about the rise of the Populist Movement in turn of the 20th century rural North Carolina...


I woke up Sunday with my body not sure if it was hungover or not. Drank a gallon of water, ate a banana, and took off up the Craggy Mountains with Emily W. and her husband Fat Bike Craig for a Parkway road ride.

37 miles and an 11 pound burrito later, I was asleep on the couch just in time for FW to arrive home from her first bridal shower.

Unpacked gifts and crashed hard.

Ive been working since then not doing much of nothing.

Thats about it.

Yesterday though, I got back out on the Parkway and did a fun run up to Bull Gap. It was a very pleasant ride with very little traffic. Im really starting to enjoy this Parkway road riding... Dont tell my mountain bike friends...

I have concluded though that besides Obama, the most hated thing in America is people on bikes. Folks just seem really pissed at me using "THEIR" road...


Here are some pictures...

Tunnels are scary as shit on a road bike. 

dick move there Joe...

# 1 reason to ride road bikes.

See ya'll tomorrow.

Monday, August 4, 2014

RIP Weekend... we hardly new ye.

Well we back....

Back from fun in the sun, righteous outside times and chilling out maxin', relaxing all cool...

Ive gotten to the point over the last year or so, that every spare moment of time not spent working should be used to the fullest. Years ago in my past employment, I was very dissatisfied with work. This led to frustration, depression, and a general feeling of being bummed about things I couldnt change.

Well, being 24 years old at the time I had a very idealistic view of the world (and still do) and I couldnt come to terms with the fact that often we have no control over our jobs and the level of satisfaction we garner from them. My father knew this and set me down to explain what he had learned in his 50+ years of employment

"Son, dont let the job define you." That was all.

Ever since I have looked at work not as LIFE, but as a Means To Living.

We should work so we have money to have fun and provide for our families. Dont seek personal fulfillment in your job. If it comes naturally then great, but if not, just be at peace knowing that you get off every now and again and can afford to buy a beer and sit on your ass for a couple days.

Now on to the Weekend that Was....


FW and I both had off work (its a miracle!) and we had to do something outside. The skies looked mad at us but we set out for the woods anyway. But not before FW visited her gym for a rousing session of CrossFit.

Lucky thing too because gym owner, and girl who could easily kick my ass, Lucy T gave us a free grill that she didnt need. Score! I piddled about content not to FitCross with the girls (mostly to avoid embarrassment) and after the workout was done we headed for the hillz.

We ended up going back up to Craven Gap because it was close (in case the skies opened and drowned us) and FW had never hiked that section of the MST.

The Bear and The Goose were stoked to be in the forest too.

The Goose is stoked for her "big adventure"

 So stoked in fact that we thought it would be a good idea to see how The Goose did "off leash"

The Bear is a pro at being off leash. She never runs, always stays behind me or FW and knows how to behave in the forest. The Goose? not so much....

About 5 min after we release her from bondage, she takes off down the mountain toward the Parkway. FW and I are both yelling and shouting for her but to no avail. Pretty soon we loose sight and sound of her and FW is close to full panic. The Goose was her first dog and as close to a child as we have. Im looking through the forest and can spot just a sliver of pavement from the Parkway hundreds of feet below. Suddenly... FLASH! a black streak jets by.

...The Goose is on the Parkway.

This is bad on multiple levels. The Goose is not woods smart, she doesnt know to look for cars, and she HATES motorcycles. Anyone who has been on the Parkway knows there are a ton of motorcycles.

I proceed down the mountain, through the woods to retrieve our little dog. Luckily, she comes back on her own, wild eyed and looking no worse for wear. No more "off leash" for The Goose.

We hiked back to the truck and proceeded down the mountain toward home.

Great hike and fun for all.

Of course we had to try out our new grill so it was off to the grocery store for meat and booze.

No explanation needed.


The rest of the day was spent at the grill or on the porch listening to/playing music and absorbing the mellow mountain vibes...

Its hard being The Goose...


Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon...

Friday, August 1, 2014

Beers and tunes....

Hey folks,

Its Friday again and this means that you all should be in intense preparation for the weekend.

Ice down the cold ones, load the gear in the truck and head out for some good times... cause pretty soon it will be winter and unless your a nut like myself and a few others I know... adventure time comes to a halt. 

The weather here in AVL this week is a sneak peak at whats to come. Never thought I would have to put on a long sleeve shirt in July but with temperatures in the low 50's during my morning commute it was necessary...and kinda refreshing too.

We're back to a (somewhat) normal schedule at work now so this means that I have a 3 day weekend. The forecast is calling for rain but that wont stop me from getting outside and finding some trouble to kick up in the mountains.

Stay tuned for Monday's usual Weekend Recap if you'd like. If you don't than at least enjoy some beers and music this weekend on me...

Your beverage....

This Friday I invite you to enjoy some Pabst Blue Ribbon. 


'Cause Pabst thats why.

If you cant enjoy a cold "blue ribbon beer" on a trailside or fishing boat somewhere this weekend then I worry for the fate of humanity. 

Pabst is without question my favorite of all beers and it should be yours too.

Enjoy at least 24 this weekend.

Your tunes for the stoke this weekend is brought to you by Jerry Reed and his classic from The Best Movie Ever Made.

I found myself explaining this paricular movie to a kid at work this week and after an hour of going into detail and basically telling to entire movie plot I had to jam to the Redneck Anthem of 1977.

This is a sweet version from Austin City Limits in which Ole' Jerry gets after it on the guitar... enjoy.

Grab a Pabst, Turn it up, and run blocker for your local bootlegger this weekend!

See ya monday.