Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Holiday Hangover...

Hey now!

Last week I was on my annual "Kickoff to Summer Rad-fest 2014" sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon . Every year for the past 5 years I've taken a week off in early June and hiked, mountain biked, fly fished and bummed my way across Western NC...usually all fueled by generous amounts of the blue ribbon beer.

.  Last week was no exception and I camped, got rad on some Pisgah mountain bike trail, avoided rattlesnake bites, and trout fished for a whole dadgum week. Like waking up from a weird dream I came back to reality this week and the broken pieces of my adventure are everywhere.

Yesterday I spent the better part of the afternoon cleaning, fixing things that broke during the week, and packing away my gear until my next adventure. The good news is while I was on vacay some new bike parts came in!

I have a stage 5 bike addiction and like any good bike-cycle enthusiast I never cease improving and buying new blingy bits to afix to my velocipedes to make them go fast, or at least look fast. My newest steed is a Canefield Brothers Yelli Screamy affectionately known as Thelma Lou.

She was Barney's girl...reliable, sturdy, and due to her large wheel size she rolled over roots and rocks better than the other girls in Mayberry.

Unfortunately my addiction, like its prone to do, surpassed my financial means. I had to cannibalize parts off another of my stallions to get Thelma Lou up and runnin. That meant that my Santa Cruz Nomad aka Charlene Darling got the knife.

Like her namesake, and like Andy and Barney know too well...When Charlene's around, trouble follows. Which for me usually means bruises, scrapes, and trips to the orthopedist. 

Last but not least is my road bike, Aunt Bee. Shes the oldest and least fancy of my rides at 5 years old, but she keeps my in line...happy and healthy.

So, with new bike parts in hand, I can finally put Charlene Darling back together and back on the trails. This is good news for my orthopedist...bad news for me...but in the best way possible. Having a bike stuck in limbo and collecting dust is a sad, sad thing. My life is back in order and now its time to see what trouble I can stir up out there in forests and fields...

If the weather holds and the creek dont rise Im heading out this afternoon for a bike ride.

See ya'll tomorrow.

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