Friday, July 25, 2014

What day is it?...Where am I? Is this real life?...

Hey there now there,

Since my last post nothing much has changed.

I have yet to have a day off work since Sunday before last. 11 days straight and I'm exhausted. I cant tell if I'm coming or going, days are starting to melt together and I'm slowly descending into madness....

but things are good.

Wednesday I joined up with some local mountain bike-cycle riders at Bent Creek for the Billy Goat Bikes Wednesday Night Shit Show on Wheels. Or otherwise known as the "Shop Ride".

Of course I arrived late and ended having to haul ass to catch the group somewhere out on the trails. I ended up catching up to the back end of a Pisgah Area SORBA, aka PAS, group ride. They were heading the way I was headed so I rode with the PAS folks for a spell.

They kept a congenial pace and I chatted with the ride leaders about bikes, beers, and what not and took my leave when they headed up Sidehill.

After riding for a half hour solo looking for E. (shop ride leader/stoke getter of) and the Billy Goat crew I was getting bummed that I had missed them. I rode the trails, uphill both ways, and finally heard some shouting coming from Sidehill Connector.

It was E. and his buddy Fletcher, who I hadn't seen in a year or more, and the Billy Goat crew. We all proceeded down trail and up and over stuff and had a great time. The pace was fast but fun...exactly how a good social ride should be.

I look forward to attending many more of these in the weeks and months to come.

In other news....

Tomorrow is Friday, and even though I have to work, I will do my best to keep the excitement high for upcoming Pisgahdventures this weekend.

To get the fire started I bring you the usual Booze & Tunes selection for this weekend.

Your libation of choice this weekend will be Foothills Brewing Co.'s Hoppyum IPA.

As the name suggests there is a fine amount of hops in this beverage so drinker be ware. If you cant take the hops, get out of the kitchen. Foothills makes many other fine beers and God bless em'... They're from right here in good ole North Cackalacky.

 Enjoy many of them...

Music to get ya through is brought to you by Waylon Jennings. Ive been singing this song all week after hearing a bluegrass version on the way to work. Lucky for me there is hot picking bluegrass from 6:00am to 7:00am on 88.7 WNCW, the best radio station on the planet.

This is the original by ole' Waylon himself. Great country...short and sweet. If you aint on old country then your doing it wrong...

Grab a beer turn it up and get rowdy this weekend.

See yall Monday!

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