Monday, July 28, 2014

The weekend that was...


Im wore out. 

But in the best possible way. After working 12 straight days, 120+ hours at work, and loss of sleep I finally got a few days off and I did it right. If I do say so myself.

Here goes,


I had to work but luckily the company let us go a few hours early. This meant trouble because I had some serious Pisgah withdrawal built up inside of me. Ive never smoked crack but the addiction that the forest had on me Friday afternoon was so strong that I can relate to Mr. Biggums and his affinity for the "rock"

I clocked out and went "the hell to the House" as a former co-worker used to say. Pulled in the drive, told The Bear to get ready, packed some snacks and water, and off we went up the BRP to find some forest fun.

I started hiking up past Craven Gap on the MST and it was great to finally be in the forest without a time restriction. I could spend all day, night, and the next if I wanted to. The Bear was having a great time too. She has been cooped up in the house and been a mopey mess since FW left a week ago to handle some biz in Union County. She needed the woods almost as bad as me. Lucky for her there were plenty of awesome smells in the forest to keep her interest.

After hiking for a while we came across this awesome washout that had stripped the hillside down to bedrock. Of course this required further investigation so we took off up the slide scrambling over bare rock and bolders to see how far up we could go before it gave out. The answer was a long way. We scrambled up at least 500 feet and finally found the end. What made this spot even better was that for several hundred feet around us was nothing but a meadow of Black Eyed Susans. It was very cool and even The Bear seemed to enjoy it.

Of course we couldnt stop there so we proceeded up the mountain to see what other awesome forest things we could discover. Pretty soon it petered out and we started seeing the rooftops of 3+ million dollar homes and "No Trespassing" signs of one of the many gated communities on Town Mountain Rd. I was reminded of that song by Tesla so The Bear and I traversed the mountain back down to the trail. The Bear taking the opportunity to get rad on some rock drops...

We got home, ate, had a few beers (not The Bear of Course, shes only 4) and sat on the back porch picking guitar watching the sun set through the spruce trees. It was a great start to what ended up being a spectacular weekend.

More on that to come....

Stay Tuned.

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