Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Weekend Recap


My life is finally back to normal (somewhat) and I can now fill you all in on my most excellent weekend. I can tell by your eagerness that you cant wait to hear me boast about how great AVL is on the weekends. Hippies rejoice in the streets, the homeless smile and tip their hats, and mother nature releases her bounty far across the land...

But not really. Its pretty much like any other place except that if your into mountainy adventurous activities its a wee bit better.

This weekend FW and I decided that it was very meet, right, and just for us to venture forth from our home, aka Greenview Manor, and seek earthly delights out in the forest.

This started on Friday with us going to Bent Creek Experimental Forest and mountain bike-cycling with FW's gym friend Lois.

experimenting with forests only leads to doing harder forests.

Bent Creek is a fun place to ride, however, I prefer a more adventurous riding locale on my weekends off. FW really enjoys it and since I hadn't been on a bike-cycle in over 2 weeks it seemed like a good refresher.

I'm not sure what kind of experiments occur in said "Experimental Forest" because I never see any test tubes, bunsen burners, or graduated cylinders when I ride there. However, I'm always left with worrisome thoughts afterward. What strange and evil creatures could the USFS be "experimenting" with in the forest? My guess is a hybrid race of box turtle that is trained in hand-to-hand combat, and who's blind rage and blood lust can only be satiated by pizza...

Does there evil know no bounds!!!!

Saturday morning rolled around and after too many pancakes, FW and I took off up the Blue Ridge Parkway in search of the elusive Douglas Falls in the Big Ivy/Coleman Boundary area of Pisgah. After packing a lunch and parking at Craggy Gardens, we took off down trail.


 The hiking was pleasant even though we were socked in by clouds most of the time. Even The Goose seemed content to be up amongst the clouds.

The Goose preparing to be consumed by "The Nothing"

We stopped, ate lunch, and then searched and searched but never found the ever elusive Douglas Falls. Might have had something to do with the 32 ounces of Dales Pale Ale I consumed at lunch...

Fruit n' Booze

After reviewing the map, I figured out that we just hadn't hiked far enough on the MST. Save it for next time I suppose. After giving up on the falls, we headed down the mountain and back to Greenview Manor.

Sundays plan was to meet up with some Charlotte folks for a nice easy mountain bike-cycle ride in Old Fort, NC. However, this was not to be...

Stay tuned tomorrow for the breakdown of what Im calling..."The Heartbreak Bailout"

See ya tomorrow kids.

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