Friday, July 4, 2014


Happy Independence day Ya'll!

I'm celebrating the beginning of the end of British tyranny by exercising my freedom to get rad on a mountain bike-cycle this morning bright and early.

For some reason last Sunday I didn't get enough of the suck down in Old Fort so I'm heading back to do it again with a different crew. The weather is looking much more friendly this time...

Since it is Friday, as Always here's your Beer and Tunes....

Since its the 4th of July Holiday Weekend your beverage of choice will be ice cold Budweiser...The King of Beers.

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Why? Cause America! thats why....what are you some sort of communist?

Drink 'a plenty of em..

Your tunes to get ya turnt up this weekend will be this classic guaranteed to leave you feeling patriotic if not a little froggy looking to kick some Britt's ass somewhere...

Its hard for me to speak of Top Gun without posting this as well...

Hopefully if your working today it will make it a little more bearable and get ya closer to quitting time so you can enjoy some ice cold Budweisers with your peeps...

Have a Good 'ern folks!

See ya Monday.

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