Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Prodigal Post

Hey folks,

Im sure like my mother, many of you feared I was dead, lost in the woods, or stumbling around Downtown AVL on a pimento cheese and Dales Pale Ale induced bender.

Well it was actually none of the above.

Real Life Adult First World Problems have set in and I have been busting my hind end off at work. As such, I have had precious little time to do any mountainy adventures. The little bit of free time I have had has been spent on a bike-cycle, bellied up to a bar, or sprawled out on the living room floor in a pimento cheese and Dales Pale Ale induced stupor.

Working eight 10 hour days in a row has exhausted me physically and mentally and I havent found the time to bring you guys a proper blog post. However...

I will continue to update the masses as to my comings and goings on and hopefully this work schedule will straighten out soon so I can get back to the radness that is AVL-LVN.

In other news...

FW has left me for the whole week to fend for myself. She has traveled down to our homeland of south western Union County, NC to participate in a time honored and very cool tradition.

Camp Meeting.

Camp Meeting is a gathering of Methodists from far and wide who come every year to Pleasant Grove Campground in Mineral Springs, NC. Its been going on for more than a hundred years and is a really unique part of our home. Folks from all over the country come in for one week in the summer and get together for prayer, ice cream, and general mellow times down at the old camp ground.

Each family has a "tent" which is actually a little cabin, but they call them tents... confused me too at first. They stay in their tents and hang out and catch up with old and new friends and its a really awesome time. Im super bummed I cant be there.

FW will just have to eat my share of ice cream to maintain the balance of the universe.

 I wish I could attend but someones gotta bring home the bacon 'round here...plus I couldnt get off for a whole week.

PLeasant Grove Camp Ground, Union County NC from St Gelais Family on Vimeo.

Other than that, its just me and The Bear holding it down at Greenview Manor all week. Hopefully we wont burn the place down or lock ourselves out of the house...again.

Stay tuned for some more pisgahdventures and other news of note as it comes...

See ya!

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