Friday, October 17, 2014

Blogz iz Back


...and just like that Im back to instigate wasteful morning hours where you should be working but instead are goofing of on the internerds.

Its ok, I wont tell your boss.

Wow... So much has happened since I last posted and I'll do my upmost to brief you on the happenings of my life since then.

First off I have had a major, life altering change in my life...

I have a new Cane Creek Double Barrel Inline on my bike!!!!

Oh, and I also got married...

Yep this stud has been sent out to pasture with his one and only mare (horse analogies are weird right?). So sorry all you Victoria's Secret super models but I'm off the market. Try not to make a scene.

FW is now just W... so in order to prevent mass confusion I will now refer to her as KAW (Kick Ass Wife). Mostly because she is, and since shes been doing intense CrossFit workouts for 8 months she probably could... who am I kidding...she definitely could.

So now that I am a married person and no longer living in sin with ex-FW and current KAW here in Asheville, expect nothing short of the best in Blogz reading and I'll do my best to keep you'ns abreast of our comings and goings, mountainy adventures, and of course Booze & Tunes Fridays...

Speaking of...

Its Friday so here we go.


I drank some of this shiz on our honeymoon at Edisto Island, SC.

It was mighty fine and I think you should try it. Especially if your eating Shrimp and Grits or a Frogmore Stew.


I present you some 1980's metal. Why? because KAW wouldn't let me play this at our wedding reception. That is all... Enjoy.

Stay tuned folks... and please share this Blog on Facepage, Twitter, etc if you fell inclined. Because we all need a little Dio in our lives...

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