Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mid-week action!

Hey folks,

Its been pretty mellow around Greenview Manor this week. K.A.W is busy nesting and getting our little home back in proper order after the whirlwind of the last couple weeks. She does an amazing job keeping this place up and I'm always impressed with her and her craftiness...

Yesterday I managed to get out into the woods for a bike ride. It wont be long before all my after work rides are at night so I have to take advantage of these next few weeks to rip while the rippins good.

Bent Creek was fun as usual and it was practically empty. I guess the cooler temperatures and lack of daylight keeps the less hearty of Asheville's bike-cyclists at home. The evening took me from Rice Pinnacle to Wolf Branch up, up Ingles Field to 5 points, down Sidehill. At this point I decided that I wanted to really hurt my legs so I turned around went up Sidehill to 5 points, down Ingles Field, down Wolf Branch. Usually I just head back to the truck at this point. Oh no, no, no...not tonight. I was going to get my first night ride of the season in..

I hooked a left onto Boyd Branch, climbed the root railroad tracks that is Boyd Branch, and topped off at the road. Lights on!... Then it was on to Corvair, aka best trail in BC, back to the truck.

Great ride and I accomplished the goal of finishing with the lights on. This time of year I really like night riding. Its not something you do too much of in the warm months. Its like an old sweater that you put on and really love at the first hint of cold. However, come February, after doing it for 4 months, I hate it like nothing else... Like an old sweater covered in dog hair and pine needles that smells like the inside of a vacuum cleaner. My mood spirals downward  as the daylight hours disappear. Vitamin D deficiency or something...who knows.

 For now it will do. Looking forward to a few with some local shredders in the near future...

In other news/interesting occurrences, the wedding gifts keep rolling in. This is one of my favorites from one of K.A.W's students. I'm not sure if he knows what it means but Im sure K.A.W will put it to good use... "yes dear...coming dear...whatever you say dear...." HA!

foot in picture for scale...
Catch ya Friday guys...

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