Friday, August 22, 2014


Well hello there,

I missed last Friday's Beer and Tunes post so I hope you all still managed to drink copious amounts of beer and listen to some good music.

I am once again off for a 3-day weekend and I have tons of awesome stuff to get into. My folks are heading into town and its always a treat to take them around and show them the sights of AVL. Might even go play all you can play pinball at the Grove Arcade.

Other than that its going to be mountain biking, fishing, and hanging with FW and the wild beasts that live in our house.

Im sure FW will need a radfest2014 weekend. Her regualr job has started back for the year and a little R&R is just what we need to ease on into another year at work.


Heres some beer.

French Broad Brewery's Rye Hopper Ale. I have been drinking this stuff like a deranged mad man lately because:

A. Its delicious. With just the perfect amount of hops but not soooo hoppy that it over powers the other notes of sweet, malty, and caramely (is that a word?). With "hoppy" becoming the predominant flavor among "craft beers" I have started to become jaded toward them. Its like breweries cant come up with unique brews so they just cram a shitload of hops in there and call it good...

This beer is hoppy no doubt, but its a more complex flavor than a standard Pale or IPA.

B. Its available at the gas station 1000yds from my house. Convenience is key when you spend your life on a bike-cycle.

Try it out and you wont be disappointed.

Hey!  here is some music...

In honor of my father coming to see us this weekend, I bring you some classic Folk from the 50's-60's. The Kingston Trio supplied the soundtrack to my formative years and was a staple on many-a beach/mountain road trip. My Dad could play pretty much all their songs on the guitar and Dave Gaurd's banjo lit the fire in my ear to learn that instrument and I've been picking the "minnow dipper" ever since.

Tight harmonies, actual musical instruments being played, and a lack of digital magic making everything sound better than it is?... Unheard of!!

Jam out to them this weekend. 

Here's to ya folks! enjoy it...

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