Monday, August 4, 2014

RIP Weekend... we hardly new ye.

Well we back....

Back from fun in the sun, righteous outside times and chilling out maxin', relaxing all cool...

Ive gotten to the point over the last year or so, that every spare moment of time not spent working should be used to the fullest. Years ago in my past employment, I was very dissatisfied with work. This led to frustration, depression, and a general feeling of being bummed about things I couldnt change.

Well, being 24 years old at the time I had a very idealistic view of the world (and still do) and I couldnt come to terms with the fact that often we have no control over our jobs and the level of satisfaction we garner from them. My father knew this and set me down to explain what he had learned in his 50+ years of employment

"Son, dont let the job define you." That was all.

Ever since I have looked at work not as LIFE, but as a Means To Living.

We should work so we have money to have fun and provide for our families. Dont seek personal fulfillment in your job. If it comes naturally then great, but if not, just be at peace knowing that you get off every now and again and can afford to buy a beer and sit on your ass for a couple days.

Now on to the Weekend that Was....


FW and I both had off work (its a miracle!) and we had to do something outside. The skies looked mad at us but we set out for the woods anyway. But not before FW visited her gym for a rousing session of CrossFit.

Lucky thing too because gym owner, and girl who could easily kick my ass, Lucy T gave us a free grill that she didnt need. Score! I piddled about content not to FitCross with the girls (mostly to avoid embarrassment) and after the workout was done we headed for the hillz.

We ended up going back up to Craven Gap because it was close (in case the skies opened and drowned us) and FW had never hiked that section of the MST.

The Bear and The Goose were stoked to be in the forest too.

The Goose is stoked for her "big adventure"

 So stoked in fact that we thought it would be a good idea to see how The Goose did "off leash"

The Bear is a pro at being off leash. She never runs, always stays behind me or FW and knows how to behave in the forest. The Goose? not so much....

About 5 min after we release her from bondage, she takes off down the mountain toward the Parkway. FW and I are both yelling and shouting for her but to no avail. Pretty soon we loose sight and sound of her and FW is close to full panic. The Goose was her first dog and as close to a child as we have. Im looking through the forest and can spot just a sliver of pavement from the Parkway hundreds of feet below. Suddenly... FLASH! a black streak jets by.

...The Goose is on the Parkway.

This is bad on multiple levels. The Goose is not woods smart, she doesnt know to look for cars, and she HATES motorcycles. Anyone who has been on the Parkway knows there are a ton of motorcycles.

I proceed down the mountain, through the woods to retrieve our little dog. Luckily, she comes back on her own, wild eyed and looking no worse for wear. No more "off leash" for The Goose.

We hiked back to the truck and proceeded down the mountain toward home.

Great hike and fun for all.

Of course we had to try out our new grill so it was off to the grocery store for meat and booze.

No explanation needed.


The rest of the day was spent at the grill or on the porch listening to/playing music and absorbing the mellow mountain vibes...

Its hard being The Goose...


Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon...

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