Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A day late and a dollar short...

Well hello there....

Sorry I didn't post my weekend recap yesterday. My weekend was on a radness level so great, that it took  me a full day to comprehend what had happened. Im short on time because there are fudge Pop Tarts in the toaster waiting on me... so here goes...


End of my work week. Yes its great having a three day weekend every weekend. No you cant have any Pop Tarts.

FW and I had made plans to escape civilization for the evening so after work we headed down to Brevard, NC for some hot shot backpacking up in the mountains. There is a secret spot I know where your not likely to see anyone and its close enough to pack into on short notice.

We hit the ground running upon arriving at the trail head and pretty soon we were in God's Country Pisgah, USA.

I hadn't backpacked since David G. and I ITAYG'd it in Linville, NC months ago. It was really nice toting a a pack up a mountain trail. FW seemed to enjoy it too but her swearing and fuss-a-mussin' on the climbs would have lead you to think otherwise.

steeper than it looks.

We came around a corner and saw something that's a first for me in Pisgah...

I dont know what they were doing but she was very stingy with her balloons. Apparently sharing is not taught anymore in schools.

After about an hour or so hike,we hit the spot, set up camp, made dinner (chicken curry couscous with walnuts and cranberries courtesy of FW... YUM!), and set to chillaxing on a mountain top. It was just what we both needed.

The next morning we got up late, ate breakfast and just sat in silence for a long while enjoying our home. We were.in.the. middle. of. it.

We hiked out after while and spent the rest of the day running chores and piddling about the house.


Saturday I had plans for a super double secret mountain bike ride with Short Travel Nate. I call him that not in jest (because he is at least 6'3") but because he rides with 80mm of travel, which is an absurdly small amount of suspension in the mountains. Somehow he still manages to shred and make it look easy.

And so it was that I picked him up and headed toward North Mills Rec. Area. The ride we undertook is super double secret so I cant share any info on it but I do have pictures.

It was a swell ride and besides a massive nest of Yellow Jackets and Nate breaking his shoes it was one for the books.

super double secret bush push.

short travel getting it done...

Leaving Nate's house, I received a text from Charlotte area trail ripper/builder and PMBAR partner, B. Burton. Burton had had enough of the flat, hotness that is Charlotte, NC and was headed to AVL to escape the heat and kick up some trouble in the mellow mountain air. I offered a bed at Greenview Manor for him and 2.5 hours later we were drinking ice cold beers on the porch.

FW had been busy all day with bridal photos (in preparation for our nuptials in a few months) and was not going to be home until after dark. This left a large window of time for Burton and I to find some shit to get into in town.

So after a few beers the plan was made to ride bikes Downtown and just see where the hops and barley take us.

The ride into town was fine with low traffic and mellow roads and it was a very cool and calm evening. We made it to a taco shop, at some tacos, drank a beer, and proceeded out into the abyss that is Downtown Asheville on Saturday night. It didn't take long for the night to become a blurry wash of booze, street performers, and blinky red bike lights as the asphalt peeled away under our tires.

Somehow through the fog I managed to take a few pictures.


This was the first snowboard ever, or something like that. Burton was mucho excited to see it and it is pretty sweet to think folks used to rip down mountains on this thing.  gnar.

Somehow we ended up drinking beers by the fire at the Bywater and from there it was a long ride back to Greenview Manor.

This shall be done again. Downtown AVL at night, on bikes weaving through traffic while bar hopping from place to place is THE BEST way to see the city.


greeted me with a hangover and no plans at all. Burton headed to West AVL from some MGB and FW and I laid about on the porch with the dogs. She had to work so after she left Burton and I headed to some killer waterfalls near Lake Toxaway, NC and bummed around the forest all afternoon.

Weekend Crushed.

That's all folks. I'm still pretty wore out from it all but staggering into work on Monday from a badass weekend is still the preferred way to do it. You only live once right?

See y'all soon.

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