Friday, August 1, 2014

Beers and tunes....

Hey folks,

Its Friday again and this means that you all should be in intense preparation for the weekend.

Ice down the cold ones, load the gear in the truck and head out for some good times... cause pretty soon it will be winter and unless your a nut like myself and a few others I know... adventure time comes to a halt. 

The weather here in AVL this week is a sneak peak at whats to come. Never thought I would have to put on a long sleeve shirt in July but with temperatures in the low 50's during my morning commute it was necessary...and kinda refreshing too.

We're back to a (somewhat) normal schedule at work now so this means that I have a 3 day weekend. The forecast is calling for rain but that wont stop me from getting outside and finding some trouble to kick up in the mountains.

Stay tuned for Monday's usual Weekend Recap if you'd like. If you don't than at least enjoy some beers and music this weekend on me...

Your beverage....

This Friday I invite you to enjoy some Pabst Blue Ribbon. 


'Cause Pabst thats why.

If you cant enjoy a cold "blue ribbon beer" on a trailside or fishing boat somewhere this weekend then I worry for the fate of humanity. 

Pabst is without question my favorite of all beers and it should be yours too.

Enjoy at least 24 this weekend.

Your tunes for the stoke this weekend is brought to you by Jerry Reed and his classic from The Best Movie Ever Made.

I found myself explaining this paricular movie to a kid at work this week and after an hour of going into detail and basically telling to entire movie plot I had to jam to the Redneck Anthem of 1977.

This is a sweet version from Austin City Limits in which Ole' Jerry gets after it on the guitar... enjoy.

Grab a Pabst, Turn it up, and run blocker for your local bootlegger this weekend!

See ya monday.

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