Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Beer!... er..uh Year?

Hello friends...

Welcome to 2015 aka the year of the Sheep! (according to a 1 second Google search).

Ovis Aries! The noblest of the Bovidaes... Sleep aid, eater of much grass, and pretender of being a cotton swab. Its such a wonderful feeling knowing that you will be responsible for all of the worlds happiness and sorrow for the next year... You sir, are an inspiration.

Now on to the mediocrity that you all have come here for.

You may have noticed that I changed the name of this here blog. Why did I do this? I dont know. Just did. Deal with it.

The new year is a time of rebirth and reassessment of one's life. Resolutions to be made, then broke, then made again. Plans to be planned and then forget about and then oh shit was I supposed to send that in Tuesday?

 All things are new again.... 

This year things will continue as normal for K.A.W and myself. LVN in AVL and whatnot, getting rad as much as we can, and generally having a good time. We have now been married for almost three months and have yet to attempt to smother one another in our sleep. I call that a win. No wedding to plan equals no stress about upcoming nuptials and all the free time to do with as we please. Our plans for this year are simple. Fun in the mountains, vacay out West sometime this summer, and drinking all the beers. 

In the meanwhile I have this to look forward to in a couple weeks:

Riding my bike while drinking beer at night in the cold ass woods at night with beer. I cant wait. I have never done this event before but have been assured by co-workers that its a grand time. The event is a beer drinking competition in the woods then someone yells GO! and we all ride our bikes hither and fro through the mountains. Then we drink more beer and race down steep hills at night, dodging bears, moonshiners, and rhododendron trees then drink more beer. 

I'm not sure of the accuracy of this description, since I haven't raced the Icycle before, but one thing is for sure: I'm gonna ride some bikes and drink some beers and that's a big ole' W in my book.

In other bikecycle news:

I have committed my monies and I am registered for the 2015 King Of Pisgah race series in good ole' western North Carolina. 

This series is an accumulation of some of the most grueling and soul sucking mountaincycle races in our far shining hills. I'm either going to finish or never ride a bike again... or both. Who knows but hopefully there will be a t-shirt at the end.

My reasoning for wanting to hate life on a bikecycle all summer is simple: I need the challenge. After racing in my first (and first race ever) PMBAR last year, I was left wanting more. I had immense fitness and no where to use it. So I did what any twenty-something male with pent up bikecycle angst would do... I ate Pop-tarts and drank good-ass-beer all summer long. This year I wanted to take up a challenge that I knew would test me mentally and physically, and keep me fit all summer long. I also wanted a goal that I could do on a bike. I have no real goals in the series other than to finish and not get disqualified. Seems legit.

Since this is my first post since we broke for the holidays here is a photo recap of Banjo Life's events in no particular order and for no particular reason:

So there ya have it folks. Blog is back and worse than ever.

So be prepared for a year of mediocre blogging and always remember...

Eggs contain eggs.

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