Friday, January 23, 2015





These are the noises that I have been emanating all day over the last few days. The weather here in AVL has taken a turn for the shitty and my seasonal effective disorder is in full rage. I need to get outside but the prospect of getting cold, sad, and wet is about as appetizing as a turtle burger...

I had made plans to race in the Icycle mountain bike race/beer drinking competition this weekend. With the forecast calling for snow and rain most of the day with temps in the upper 30's, I'm on the fence. Do I make the 2 hour drive to race 20 miles, get cold and wet, and possibly have fun? Or do I stay home and chill with K.A.W? 

This debate has been fueling my sounds of frustration.

In other news...

I did manage to ride twice this week. Tuesday I went out and did my best to blow up my legs on my cyclegnargravelradcross bike. Training for the KOP has been weighing heavy on me and I feel like I should be further along than I am. I've never actually "trained" for mountain biking. My plans are for riding hard, and climbing as much as possible. Mix that with mellow mountain rides, and then eating pimento cheese sammiches. And beer. 

I dont know what the outcome of this intensive training regiment will be but come KOP time I'll have at least enjoyed some fine Russian beers and artisinal pimento cheeses. 

In other KOP news my good friend and 2014 PMBAR partner, Burton, will be joining  me again for PMBAR 2015! 

I hate that guy.
He was on the fence about it but when word came that his bro Mike B. and local singlespeeder and drinker of quality beers, Good Guy Greg, will be PMBAR'n it... Burton had to shred. Im pretty stoked too because Burton is an old veteran of PMBAR and knows these mountains as well as anyone. Hopefully we'll have better success than last year when someone (who will go nameless, it was me...) decided it would be a great idea to do a "warm-up" ride of 15 miles and four thousand feet of climbing the day before a 50+ mile mountain bike race... Cramps started at mile 10 and continued with ferocity until the finish line...


Things will be different this year. I can feel it.

Wednesday I caught a group night ride with some co-workers out at North Mills Rec. Area. Trace Ridge was the route and we crushed it, along with a few beers as well. It felt great to be back out riding a mountain cycle again. The balance of riding hard, pushing my legs and then doing a mellow fun ride the next day might be good for my cycling soul. All work and no play make something go something...or something like that. 

In K.A.W news she is deep in the throws of her Whole 30 Challenge. Over the hump now and she hasn't once cheated on her diet challenge and I am super proud. There is no way in hell that I could do what shes doing. Living in a town that has over 20 craft breweries and five times as many excellent restaurants would have me caving like a paper umbrella in a hurricane.

That's all folks... Have a rad weekend and stay warm and dry.

Party on...

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