Friday, January 9, 2015

Gotta get up to get down...


And greetings to one and all (but really one because thats the number of people that actually read this mess)...

In case you are a lobster or a pine tree or a football I would like to let you know that its pretty cold outside. This news may come as a surprise to you I know. Its ok... I was surprised too.

For the rest of the living population of North Cackalacky you already know this and by now are sore and tired of hearing "boy its cold" and "sure is a cold one today" or "sweet Lord in heaven I'm freezing to death!".

Weather is what we talk about when we have nothing else to talk about and this is just one more sign that we are all lame and getting old and boring. You can either embrace it or get weird... So from now on when someone mentions "can you believe this cold?" just stare vapidly at them and say "We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold..."

 Immediately walk away when finished.

This should not only change the subject of conversation but also create a newfound sense of awe from your friends and family. And/or cause suspicions of hard drug use... either way your not talking about the weather.

So onward...

Its cold.

Things have been mellow around Greenview Manor this week. Getting back into the game of life post Holidays. K.A.W is attempting to do this new crazy diet sweeping the nation: The Whole 30. From watching her this week, and her meal preparations, the diet consists of asking yourself..."does this taste good?" If the answer is "yes", you cant eat it. Seems simple enough. The goal is at the end of 30 days you are supposed to start glowing and slowly ascend into the heavens, or something like that I haven't really been paying attention.

Seriously it seems like a good challenge to help expedite good eating habits. I'm a huge fan of eatin' right (when applicable), and getting healthy so you go girl. Its been a real struggle for her the first couple days but she has really stuck to her guns. I tried tempting her with delicious Pabst Blue Ribbon beer last night and she refused. Impossible to comprehend...

I'm sure she will complete her 30 day suckfest and feel like a million bucks. Then its back to pimento cheese and Kool-Aid and Hot Pockets and all the terrible things that make life wonderful.

In bikecycling news,

I haven't been riding too much this week. The cold and whatnot you know. I managed to get out Tuesday for some Bent Creek shreddage. Cold, muddy, and not a soul out there but me.

In other mountaincycling news I finally got Thelma Lou back up and running.

She has been without proper tires for a couple months. Apathy, laziness, whatever the reason I put off tire buying for so long that I forgot how it felt to ride a hardtail 29er. The answer is its pretty awesome. As I type this, the sun is out, the birds are singing, and it seems too nice to not get a little rad outside today.

Beer and Music:

Here's your Beers!

Oskar Blues Old Chub Scotch Ale. Good for cold Winter nights and cures what ails ya!

Since K.A.W are going to see them tonight, your music for the weekend is pretty much anything from award winning bluegrass sensations The Steep Canyon Rangers. 

Party on...

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