Wednesday, November 26, 2014

one is the loneliest number...

This will be the only post this week.

Dont fret. Your week will be full of much feasting and mirth. In fact it might even be the mirthiest of weeks. Who knows...

I for one freaking love Thanksgiving. Its without qustion the greatest of holidays. Unlike that sucky Columbus day. That guy was a Grade-A dick and how we celebrate him is beyond me... But I digress...

Thanksgiving is numero uno because all you do is not work, sit around and eat until your stomach hurts, then take a nap, then go outside the next day and do whatever it is you like to do. Hunt, fish, bikecycle ride, shop, whatever. No gifts, no obligations other than maybe preparing a dish or desert and chillen out. This has been my experience at least and this year I get to have two (2) givingofthanks feasts!


On a recapping of past events note...

This past weekend K.A.W and I were at at the wedding of some dear friends. It was great and we had a grand time. Other than that not much happened.

I finally got two of my three bikecycles in working order. That leaves only Thelma Lou out of service. Hopefully she'll be crushing mountains pretty soon too.

We're heading down the mountain Thursday to eat too much and the rest of the weekend will be spent doing who knows what. Probably bike riding and spending time with my awesome family. If your around the Union County/Charlotte vicinity give me a holler and we can rendezvous and try to drink all the beers.

Hope you folks have you'ns a terrific Giving of Thanks and don't forget to actually give thanks for all the rad shit you have going on in your life. Most of us complain too much (I'm guilty as any) but really we got it pretty good.

See you all next week.

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