Friday, November 7, 2014


Hey gang,

Hope your Friday has started off with a jovial sense and that it goes quickly to expedite the radness of the weekend to come.

Things have been pretty mellow 'round Greenview Manor since Wednesday. Work, work, sleep, work, banjo, mountaincycle, and now typing on my computer.

Thursday night's ride was a short one. I met up with the the folks I've been meeting up with and we dispersed into segregated groups of gravelcrosscycles and mountaincycles. I was back on Charlene Darling so with the mountaincycles I went. Up Ledford Branch, Ingles Field Connector, right on Ingles Field, Down Wolf Branch, blah, blah, bluh...

It was fun to just pedal around not trying to crush it. I cut out early to make it home for K.A.W's awesome cooking. For those who dont know, K.A.W has been fitcrossing it at her gym, LT's Primal Fitness, for a very long time now. She is in crazy good shape and in order to keep the fitness strong she has been practicing the ancient art of eating healthy shit and getting her Paleo on for as long as she's been fitcrossing.

The Paleo Diet is different from other diets because it allows you to eat a normal amount of food. It doesnt so much restrict portions as it restricts tasty processed and sugary delights like my beloved Fudge rounds... among other things

tasty delights...

A basic breakdown is these are a No No on Paleo:

- Processed Sugar in any form
- Junk food (like fudge rounds)
- No Grains (Wheat, Barley, etc.)
- No Legumes (beans, pnuts, etc)
- No Dairy (Milk, Cheese, etc.)
- No Alcohol (yeah right hahahahahahahahahahahaha)

- Drink at least 64oz of water a day (I added this one because it works great for me)

I have to say that I havent gone 100% cavemandiet yet but I'm about 75% there. I still eat P-nut butter sandwiches on whole grain bread, beans, and of course Beer. I mean Beer is "Proof that God loves us" and It will be a cold day in hell that I dont drink a cold beer after a mountaincycle ride or vigorous landscaping session here at Greenview Manor.

That being said I have almost totally eliminated dairy, junk food, and processed foods from my diet on all but the rarest occasions. K.A.W and I like to allow ourselves at least one cheat meal/day a week because if Beer is "Proof that God loves us" then pimento cheese is proof that God not only loves us but he has clearly selected us the chosen few by giving us this ambrosia from heaven. I mean seriously... its amazing.

However, aside from our cheat days I can honestly say that good clean living has been working for us. I feel better, sleep better, wake up ready to go, and overall have a much more pleasurably disposition. 

This diet coupled with my fitness goals for the Winter will hopefully get me where I need to be come next spring... Destroying mountains on my mountainbikecycle and generally enjoying life much more.


Since it is Friday you know that it is time for your Booze & Tunes...

Your booze for this weekend is one of Asheville's Favorite beers. Proudly brewed in town by Highlands Brewery. The Cold Mountain Winter Ale hits the streets pretty soon (11-17-14) and usually goes quick.

You know the beer is good when it makes the newspaper.

I'm not a big fan of Highlands' Beer, That sucks because its only a 10 minute bikecycle ride from Greenview Manor. However, Highlands has done good with this 'ern, This beer is good and If you can find it in your neck o' the woods get some and drink it.

Your tunes to make it all better this weekend is this classic from The Allman Brothers Band. The best part, aside from the music, is the awesome clothes and mustaches.

For those that don't know The Allman Brothers Band has hung it up and will not longer be performing as a band. The band rocks and I suggest you jam out to some ABB this weekend...

So go drink some Cold Mountain, grow a sick mustache, and have a fantastic weekend!

See ya folks.

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