Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gobble Gobble

Greetings all!

Hope everyone's Turkeydaystravaganzapocolypse was great. A few days off work (hopefully), raging on some seasonal delicacies, and spending time with the family is always good to reset the batteries... as long as you don't over do it on pie and discounted crap at Wal-Mart.

 As for me I did all the usual cliche's...

Ate too much
Drank too much
Slept too much
(insert cliche holiday activity) too much...  it was a hell of a time!

My activities over the holiday weekend were mindbogglingly uneventful.

Lets recap:

K.A.W and I celebrated the pre-feasting of roasted poultry flesh by drinking hearty beers at Pisgah Brewing Wednesday night. The band was good, beer was great, and I bought a new hat.

epic shit.

We awoke to a snowy and cold Thankzgiving Day morning

makin' it rain...er...I mean..uh....snow?

and proceeded to shake it off down the mountain. By the time we hit Morganton, NC the sun was out and it was a gorgeous fall day.

We arrived in the flatlands and commenced to feasting promptly. Family time is always awesome, especially when you haven't seen them in many months. The best part of this Feastgetting was that I had TWO dinners to attend. After Feastgetting with my folks, K.A.W and I headed over to her folks' to feast numero 2. After that I was promptly wheel barrowed away to sleep off the bad decisions I had made at the desert table. Pie is my only weakness...that and pimento cheese. Its like Kryptonite for God's sake! Orangy-cheesy crack.

Friday plans were made to mountaincycle at some local trails in Charlotte. It had been a good long time since I had been on anything other than trails up here. I was actually pretty stoked to be riding tight, twisty singletrack again. A group of us met at the Backyard Trail!!! (BYT!!!) for some post feast shreddage. BYT!!! is probably the most technical trail in town and I haven't been out there in like 2 years so it was a blast. Best part was some locals have built some pretty nice jumps that we spent some time on. Really fun stuff.

BackYard Trail!!

Charlene Darling...

BackYard Trail!!

The rest of Friday was spent with Burton at a bootleg Cyclocross race somewhere in NoDa. Im not sure what was going on but there were people riding bikes. drinking beer, and yelling at guys in spandex to gap the sidewalk jump. Only a few people jumped it but it was great fun none-the-less.

Heading home I decided to see what my old friend D. Scott was up to so after conversing on the telephone, we met up and drank beers around a propane heater til the early hours of the morning talking about all kinds of random shit and life in general. D is one of my oldest and best friends and its rare we get to hang out. Sitting in a barn, listening to 90's country music, and drinking Coors Light with a lime in it (for some reason)... Such is life in God's Country Union County, NC.

I for one wouldn't want it any other way....

Saturday hit like a runaway hay wagon and I was off to ride my old standby trail Col. Francis Beatty. Beatty, as we call it was "my" trail. I say "my" because for a while I was in charge of its care and maintenance. I also hosted weekly rides and pretty much rode it five times more than anywhere else. Me and Beatty were like Pabst and pimento cheese... we just fit. Mike B. met me out for a couple of hot laps at Ole' Beatty and it was great to be back on that trail. I know every root, rock, tree, off camber section, climb, jump, drop, etc from start to finish. I could provably ride that trail blind. I missed it more than I thought I would. Riding big ass mountains in Asheville is awesome, but something about ripping through tight singletrack with trees ricocheting off your bars and body is pretty fun. Definitely going back to ride it soon, hopefully with Trail Master extraordinaire David G. aka GravityThief.

until next time old friend...

The rest of Saturday was spent watching my beloved University of South Carolina Gamecocks get beat by some rival that shall go un-named. Then more food, pie, beer, and football. lazy as hell...

Sunday we hightailed it back to the mountains. It was about 65 degrees and sunny so we loaded up the bikecycles and headed to Bent Creek. With me in tow, K.A.W went on her first mountaincycle ride in at least two months. She crushed it as usual.

Well folks, now that we have Monday under our stretched out belts, lets hope this week goes by fast and we can get into some awesome stuff this weekend.  Whattaya say?

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