Friday, December 12, 2014

Fir Day

Hey now.

Our Christmas tree is still outside. I know this because it doesn't smell like an alpine forest in my house and also because I can see it chilling out in the back yard as I type. We bought a live tree (with root ball attached) last year and planted it in a big ole' tub. That way we could enjoy the same live tree year after year. Good karma.

Other than that one item Christmas is happening in a big way 'round Greenview Manor.

K.A.W's festive creation...

I enjoy "the season" and usually try to spread a little cheer and good tidings... maybe even some Figgy Pudding,

whatever the hell that is.

This morning my cheer spreadage will take place on the trails of Pisgah-God'sCountryUSA. A couple of Pisgah newbs are coming up and Im playing tour guide for them. I really enjoy showing people around these mountains. Mostly becuase I have a love and respect for them that my parents helped foster when I was just a little Banjo. My fondest memories are our trips to the mountains and now that I live here I really want others to be stoked on them as well.

Another reason is because these trails are rad as shit. Matter o' fact they are now considered somewhat of a "destination" for mountain bikecyclers from all over the world...

For someone unacquainted with such radness this can be intimidating. My first trip had me soloing it down one of the most difficult descents in the woods. I say "soloing" but really it was tumbling head over heels down the mountain. I crashed more than I cleaned sections but I was sold and have kept going back often as I could.

So hopefully today these guys will have fun and become regulars to the mountains and help spread the gospel that is Pisgah...

This past week was lame as far as adventures go. I went on a miserably cold and wet bikecycle ride Tuesday. It was spitting snow and gusting 20mph winds. However, like most cold weather rides I was still glad I did it once I was back in the warm truck heading home. These shitweather rides will pay off come spring when I need every ounce of my fitness to make my summer plans happen.... More on that to come...

Thursday K.A.W and I had the honor of serving as judges for the Buncombe County Schools Graduation Presentations for the class of 2015. Bam...

Every student in Buncombe County has to complete a senior project and present their project to a live audience of folks from the community. Folks like me!

I was a judge along side two other fine Ashevillians and we made sure the kids earned their diploma.

I tried desperately to get my fellow judges to pretend to be on American Idol but they werent too keen on it. Everyone wanted to be Randy.

Everyone knows you can't have two Randys.

It was great fun and pretty swell listening to our future leaders present topics such as:

-Rebuilding a '79 Chevy Camaro
-Why Title 9 is awesome
-My trip to Florida to scuba dive and the BP oil spill for some reason...

Cool stuff.

So now onto the beer portion of this mess...



Drink all of them.


Semi-incoherent ranting ahead...

I enjoy Country Music. At least what used to be Country Music. Artists like Waylon Jennings, George Jones, Emmylou Harris, John Pryne, etc etc etc.

What you find on the radio now-a-days is garbage and its borderline abusive to call it "Country Music". It is nothing more than teenybopper, overdubbed, faux-rock crap and if I hear Florida-Georgia Line sing about girls and trucks and Fireball Whiskey one more time Im going to freak the hell out, This junk actually has a name... Bro Country. Artists like Jason Aldean, F-G Line, Luke Bryan (sorry Heather), Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, etc are ruining one of the only true American musical genres. This music basically says the same stuff over and over and over. "Girl get in my truck", "Oh girl lets ride around in my truck", "Hey Girl checkout my truck". This music appeals to women mostly and thats great. However, "Country Music" in its classical themes reflects deep loss and sadness and the songs actually had body and creativity. Not just songs about trucks.

So please folks... stop listening to this garbage and start listening to good Country. The classic stuff to start with. Pretty much anything before 1970 is awesome. There are still people out there doing good stuff and you will never hear any of it on Top 40 radio. Specifically this guy...

Sturgill Simpson.

Listen to as much of him, and the OG's of country, as you can and maybe someday you can forgive yourself for listening to Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney. It will take a while to cleanse your soul of this trash but listening to Willie Nelson and Hank Williams is a good place to start.

Have a hell of a weekend folks!

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