Monday, February 8, 2016

Why do I always misspell Feb ru ary

Last couple of weeks worth of it...

We headed down to the Homeland for my nephew's, aka The Dude, 2nd-year-of-being-on-this-planet celebration. Conclusion? Being 2 years old is pretty awesome and that dude is cool... Got him a new lid for his future 2 wheeled endeavors...

The snow is melting if not mostly, if not completely gone now. I managed to get out for an early morning road shred whilst the winter's ordure still lay around. It was cold as balls starting out, but 2000 feet of climbing right out of the gate will warm ya right quick. Nice ride and pretty as hell...

The Bear and I got out and to scope out the snow damage. Not a better place to get a quick hike in than the MST. We headed South on the trail since it had been a good while since we walked that way. While not as scenic as the north side its still pretty swell. The Bear was stoked to get out as well...

neigh, neigh i say.

In the most recent happenings KAW had herself a BDay. We celebrated in the best possible way. Hiking and boozing it up! Her sister came in for a spell so we all ventured out to The Pisgah for some old fashioned foot walking. Hiked out to a little spot I have camped at many times, and will do so again soon. Not very well known and views for days...

After the hike we headed home to prepare for the evening's mayhem. The plan was to get all rowdy to some 80's music downtown. There is an 80's cover band KAW enjoys so a number of us got all 80'd out and went and got tore the hell down. It was great fun but too many IPAs left me feeling murky headed Sunday. But plans had been made with *Short Travel Nate to shred some actual trail so I rallied and met him at N. Mills for bikes and fun.

I finally got a proper ride in on my newest sled. 2016 Norco Range, aka Ruby, is now my "trail" bike. The Yelli Screamy is still around but has been demoted to "race" bike, and occasional downhill/commuter/bar crawl/wheelie machine/"trail" bike. Ruby cause its red... duh.

honey are you mad at your man?

The new bike is going to get me into trouble but damn its fun having a big ass trail bike again. She dont play around and overall I'm stoked.

That's pretty much it up to now.

As I type its threatening snow out, so here we go with all that shit again. I like it fine, but its getting hard riding a bike that is attached to a trainer all the time. Fitness is there and coming on stronger but nothing beats cold air in your lungs, heart beating through the top of your head while sending it mach-fuck down the side of a mountain. 

Thats it.

* Short Travel has moved from 80mm to 100mm. Still not enough fork for Pisgah if ya ask me. whatever.

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