Friday, March 6, 2015




1. work hard over a period of time.
"they were slogging away to meet a deadline"
2. hit forcefully and typically wildly, especially in boxing.
"the fighters were slogging away"

1. a spell of difficult, tiring work or traveling.
"it would be a hard slog back to the camp"

...My personal favorite:

2.  a slow hog.
     "somebody get that slog off of Rusty, it's eating his breeches."

In summation I feel like this is what the next 7 weeks are going to be for my bikecycling endeavors. King o' Pisgah is quickly approaching and I feel like I'm chasing my tail trying to prepare for it. Shitty weather, bikes in ill repair, and a general sense of "meh..." are all fighting against me to keep me from rad mountaincycle racing enjoyment. Im probably (definitely) making a bigger deal out of this than necessary but I cant help but feel like I need to be in full on Beast Mode come early May for PMBAR. The downside is I have a long way to go

The plus side is with the impending Savings of Daylight, I have new day lit post-work hours to "train" and 7 weeks worth of it. Time to put the ole' grease in the elbow, nose to the grindstone, pedal to some type of metal, and hammer something, something, and whatnot.........................................

From here on out its ride, eat, sleep, beer, eat, ride, pimento cheez, sleep, ride, repeat. I have no excuse to not be ready except my own apathy and lack of mental fortitude.  I cant begin to explain in human words how stoked I am that daylight Savings begins this weekend. This is going to be HUGE. I used to be able to rip out post-work rides in the daylight and this was great for motivation. As much fun as night riding can be it does not compare to daytime shredding. "Warmer" daylit post work hours are good for another reason too. As stupid as it sounds Im actually looking forward to getting on the roadbikecycle and cranking out some paved miles. Its great for mind numbing, monotonous exercising, which on paper sounds lame but for relaxation and forgetting the stress of the day its great... Pedal, Pedal, Pedal, Pedal.

As long as you aren't run over by a car.

Gripe-fest over... onto the weeks occurrences:

K.A.W and I have been stone cold chilling here at Greenview Manor, AVLUSA. Asheville and most of WNC is in the process of thawing out and slowly inching its way toward Spring. Wednesday Momma Nature decided to tease us all with a dose of 70° sunshine and light breezes. Of course you cant pass up this kind of weather while your in the throes of a deep dark winter. I telephoned E-Dub that I was going to ride a real live mountaincycle somewhere in the greater Asheville area and he was down. 

It had been at least two weeks since my last trail ride and I could.not.freaking.wait to get out there. Wet, mud, shit conditions aside, we hit a little secret spot down the road a ways expecting the worst. To our surprise the trail was in great shape, mostly because it is barely ridden and super rocky. God bless these mountains and their well drained soil... We climbed the road and I felt the two week absence from trail rides almost immediately. Legs and lungs burning, nose on the stem, and rocks and roots rolling underneath. It was awesome. Pretty soon we made the ridge and proceeded down the rock strewn trail, over logs, creeks, and boulders into the darkness. We only rode about 8 miles but it was a hard earned 8 miles and reminded me of why I ride and why I need this more often.

Thug Life.

E-Dub's camera  phone is 17 years old.

This weekend is looking pretty stellar weather wise and of course I'm getting out in it. Daylight savings is kicking in and its starting to look better all the time.

I hope youn'z have a great weekend and do your best to get rad somewhere. Stay tuned for the recap coming yall's way next week...

Party On.

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