Friday, May 1, 2015

Its the....

Final Countdown!!!

Yes. I could not come up with another cliche to represent a winter's worth of preparation, training, and beer drinking.... Shame on me but at 6:10am my creative juices are not awake yet.

Its PMBAR eve and the time to race endurance bike cycles in the woods is nigh! 


I feel ready, we'll see tomorrow morning though how ready ready really is. I have all my required gear...

...and Thelma Lou is ready to rock. Burton's hopes are high and I hope we can beat our time from last year, or at least finish in the day light. As you can see my light source is not up for the challenge of Pisgah night riding,

Good luck to all my other folk joining me tomorrow for  endurance mountain cycle racing. Let's have fun out there...

Don't forget Pop Tarts Em.

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