Friday, May 8, 2015

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

The post PMBAR hangover is usually pretty fierce. Body shot to hell, drained, and sapped of any desire to do much of anything. Sunday morning Burton headed to go watch some XC racing down in Columbia, SC and I was up looking for biscuits.


Great? Or greatest thing ever conceived? I think the latter and if you live in NC you already know this. K.A.W and I woke up earlish and I was starving. Too tired Saturday to to eat much so Sunday morning had me feeling like zombie in search of brains. Delicious brains.

We headed over to Biscuit Head to satiate the Sunday Morning Biscuit Crave. The Sunday Morning Biscuit Crave is a time honored tradition whereby folks recovering from a hard night make their way to biscuit merchants to partake in the miraculous healing powers of biscuits.These folks bake a mean biscuit and they didn't disappoint. We biscuited up and decided to chill and go for a super easy "recovery" ride. Good to spin the legs out a bit after a big effort like PMBAR. It was good to ride nice and easy and I even had to tell her to "take it easy on me".

PMBAR is one of those events that no matter how well you plan, its going to all go shit in the first 30 minutes. This proved somewhat true for me. I was bummed to have cramped early on but stoked to beat our time from last year. Route selection could have been better. I could have carried less food, lots of little things to second guess. Overall I was pretty happy with the day. As horrible as racing a mountain bike 70 miles, near and far, over and under mountains all day sounds,,, it feels pretty badass when your done.

Otherwise not a hell of alot going on here at Greenview Manor, AVLUSA. Ive managed to get out for a few rides on the gnarcrossgravelcross bike. Hauling the mail down a steep gravel road is pretty damn fun I've decided and It may be getting time to upgrade the equipment...

This weekend, K.A.W has made the plans so were heading back into the forest for the night. Im really looking forward to getting out in PisaghGod'scountryUSA and doing absolutely nothing. Only things coming with us is the dogdren, Pabst, and banjo. The rest of the weekend is on from then.

That pretty much sums up the situation. Hope you'nzers have a splendid weekend and raise ten kinds of hell,

Party on.

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