Friday, February 6, 2015


Hello people of the internet...

This past week at Greenview Manor has been a good one. Now it is the weekend and according to my local weather data, it is shaping up to be a painfully beautiful one. Good too because since we are now in February we have reached the zenith of winter and are on the home stretch of getting this cold mess behind us for the year.

I hate winter. Nothing good happens in the winter. You could argue "What about Christmas?!?". Well when compared to Thanksgiving, Christmas fails in every category... Days off work, food, no obligatory gift exchanging.... Thanksgiving F'n rules. Others might say "oh but it snows in the winter"... It snows in the spring too and I don't really care for snow unless its of the "feet" amounts. Even local brewing facilities try to cash in on winter with "seasonal brews" that really aren't all the great...

Face it. Winter blows...

nailed it.

One shining slice of silver lining that only winter, specifically February, can claim is that K.A.W's birthday is in winter. Matter o' Fact it was this past Tuesday and it was a grand occasion. You see, the anniversary of K.A.W's birth and her completion of the Whole 30 diet challenge occurred on the same day. This created a perfect storm of not giving a crap about what you eat.:

A) cause its the anniversary of your birth...and you indeed should party like its the anniversary of your birth. Which means beer and greasy, cheesy food stuffs.

B) the Whole 30 diet challenge is arguably torture and when your done, having gone through 30 days of no beer and no cheesy food stuffs, all you want is beer and cheese.


So it was that we arrived at Asheville Brewing and celebrated the best way we know how. K.A.W drank her first beer in thirty days and ate legit pizza. It was a grand time. Much pizza was consumed and many beers were raised in defiant celebration of births and diet challenge completions. Hopefully we'll be back to eating ever so slightly less healthy and pounding beers on a semi-regular basis...

Asheville Brewing's "Carolina Mountain Monster" Imperial Russian Stout
long name, good beer.

In bikecycling news,

I got out for a ride on Wednesday with E-Dub at Bent Creek. The recent snow made for shitty conditions. It was pretty much riding on peanut butter until we got to the high elevation trails. Never the less I needed to ride. As mentioned before, winter is terrible not only because of the lack of daylight and cold weather. It's all those things and the apathy to ride in that weather, and instead opt for sitting at home eating pimento cheese and Girl Scout cookies.

Which I did...  with fervor on Monday night.

Eating a quart of cheese and two boxes of Girl Scout cookies does not good fitness make. The lack of willpower is painfully clear when staring at empty cookie boxes.

The ride with E-Dub was great even with my cookie guilt lurking in my mind. Some rogue trail work on Greenslick made for some entertaining moments as well...

That's all folks,

This weekend looks crazy-awesome so go outside, get rad, drink all the beers.

Party on.

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