Friday, February 20, 2015


Hey now,

So in case you have been living under a turtle hamburger, on the surface of Proteus, are suffering from a severe case of CIPA, or have been too busy scouring Wikipedia for the last week its been on the cool side here in AVLUSA. In fact as I type this its a balmy 7° outside....

I know right.

So its been cold. So what. Millions of Canadians deal with this shit everyday. Im pretty sure it never gets above 20° there so what are we (as in me) complaining about? I say embrace the suck and go outside and get rad to spite the weather gods and if that doesn't work sit at home and eat pimento cheeses and drink heavily.

Its going to be a short post today folks.

A) because I have to work today and
B) because with the stupid temperatures outside, post work radness out in the mountains has been kept to zero.

The one saving grace this week was we got called out of work due to the iceshitstorm that hit AVLUSA. K.A.W and myself were faced with the prospects of being stuck inside all day watching the gray sky and putting off filing our taxes. Fortunately by the afternoon the sun was out and we decided to do a little trail running. Contrary to most beliefs I do enjoy a run every 8-10 months and with wet weather and my apathy to ride my bikecycle, a :30 minute trail run is a great way to get a quick workout and mix it up a bit. Now that my hiking legs are back under me its even more fun...

Another fortunate gift for us is that we live within a few yards of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. This trail stretches the entire state of NC and that's alright with me. The trail is perfect for running with plenty of hills, roots, rocks, creeks, and even a few views to make it interesting. Pretty sweet to have close to 1,000 miles of trail out the back door. It would be a shame to waste it.

We set out for the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center to make a nice loop of about 4.5 miles. The trail was solid ice most of the way. Slipping and sliding all over the woods forced us to keep attention and light feet. Not to mention the frigid temperature kept us to a quick pace.

 Definitely going to start adding a little trail running for some much needed cross training and hopefully build up some trail legs for backpacking season when the warm temperatures arrive. Its no where near as fun as riding a bicycle up and down the mountains but its nice to have a little change of pace. Plus The Bear seems to enjoy it...

I'm glad we could get out at least once this week. The rest of the weekend is looking cold and wet with no sign of warm, sunny days for quite a while. If I do somehow manage to get out and have a little fun in the hills you'll be sure to hear about it...

Have a great weekend folks.

Party On.

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